Book Marketing

Via Buch-Luchs PR

Please understand that we will quality check your book and reserve the right to reject it.


49 €/ book
  • Listing of the book among the available review copies for four weeks
  • Newsletter to our subscribers about the review option
  • Facebook post about the review option
  • Instagram article about the review option
  • Multiple advertising of the review option
  • Creation and maintenance of the registration form for the review copy
  • Sending the review copies
  • Follow-up of the reviews for 6 weeks
  • On request additional sending of promotional materials

Series Flatrate

+39 €/ sequel
  • equal services for every additional book
  • joint application form
  • All release dates must be communicated to us at the time of booking.
  • The volumes must not be more than three months apart.
  • If the publication date is postponed, the full amount for the postponed volume is due.

Blogtour & Release day blast

+69 €/ new release or sale
  • Planning a blog tour of at least two weeks (Facebook & Instagram accounts).
  • Release day blogger flash mob
  • Suggesting topics for the blog tour topic days
  • Informing our bloggers
  • Blog tour images (banner + square)
  • Book blast images + text (neutral + colorful)
  • Teaser template for bloggers
  • Sending promotional materials to all interested parties
  • Sending promotional materials to all interested parties
  • Follow up (Reminding bloggers)
  • Reactions & comments to the blog tour posts

Lovelybooks Reading Circle

+29 €/ book
  • Creating a reading circle on Lovelybooks
  • Selecting reliable reviewers
  • Distributing ARCs
  • Tracking reviews on preferred platforms

Promo images

Are there no banner 3D graphics and snippets available?
We will gladly create up to 10 graphics for a flat rate of 25 € based on the book cover.

Online presentation

landing page

2,49 €/ author / month
  • Profile page on our website
  • Listing in the author pages
  • Linking of all social media
  • Amazon profile link
  • Collecting the newsletter prospects
  • Listing of all German publications
  • annual billing
  • one-time setup fee 25 €

author page

4,99 €/ author / month
  • like landing page, plus
  • own top banner
  • own menu
  • up to 5 own pages
  • annual billing
  • one-time setup fee 25 €


+ 2,99 €/ autor / monat
  • www.[your preferred name].com
  • own email address as forwarding address
  • your page in the address bar
  • only in connection with landing page or author page
  • annual billing
  • one-time setup fee 25 €

Your own website

Interested in a website just like this? We are happy to help you out!
All you need it a domain and a mysql-database. Make your pick on and we will set you up right away for 99 € total.

Translation into German

Get your novel translated by a fellow author and her team.

Scheduling 2023 now!


0,035 € ($0,04)/word
  • staying close to your choice of words
  • two betareaders
  • one proofreader
  • blurb included
  • review package included
  • blogtour package included
  • Installment payment possible

+ promotional texts

49 €/ book
  • finding the right quotes from your manuscript
  • translating/ writing promotional texts

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